GGentleman's Hardware Serving Paddle & 4 Shot Glasses
Serving Paddle & 4 Shot Glasses – Gentleman’s Hardware
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Serving Paddle & 4 Shot Glasses – Gentleman’s Hardware


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Serving Paddle & 4 Shot Glasses, an acacia wood serving plank with a painted black handle, a real leather tie for hanging and space for the four shot glasses.

Cheers, Salute, Gambie, Prost, Sante!

  • Engraved with the quote ‘Give It Your Best Shot’
  • Home brewed schnapps offered around on specially shaped wooden trays inspired by mountain bars in the Austrian Alps
  • The ultimate hosting accessory, crafted to provide a playful means of serving spirits and liqueurs.

Engraving Information

Creating a unique gift for friends and family is what gift giving is all about. Therefore engraving is the perfect way to personalise any gift.

The serving paddle  & 4 shot glasses are able to be personalized either by hand engraving or with computer engraving equipment.

Experienced engravers can engrave on a large range of materials such as glass, metal and crystal. Therefore this means anyone can create a unique gift with engraving. Therefore you could even replace the usual Hallmark card with an engraved keepsake attached with a beautifully tied bow or ribbon attached to the present to really make a lasting impact!

Our skilled engravers are ready to create a unique and personalised gift for your loved ones.

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